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 To better meet the needs of our patients, in July 2017 we moved our Annapolis office at 49 Old Solomons Island Road to 2431 Solomons Island Rd, just a couple streets away. We hope you enjoy the larger spaces. Click "Contact Us" at the top of the page for more details.
Our Clinicians
We work hard to provide highly qualified therapists and counselors so that you can be assured of the best care. Just click on the "more" link for any name below to see a brief biography of each clinician.

Click 'view bio' to read the clinician's biography.
view bio  |  Marna Brickman, LGSW
view bio  |  Carla Corsey, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Marie Deyro, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Eric Drinks, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Renny Drinks, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Kenneth Gilstein, Ph.D.
view bio  |  Doveal Goins, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Stacey Hagen, LCSW-C, ACSW
view bio  |  Justin Hall, M.D.
view bio  |  Robert Herman, M.D.
view bio  |  Alicia Jefferson, LCSW-C
view bio  |  Tarek Kronfli, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Mary Leonard, Ph.D.
view bio  |  Lisa Maholchic, LCSW-C
view bio  |  Kristina Money, M.D.
view bio  |  Joseph Money, LCSW-C
view bio  |  Raymond Mosko, Ph.D., C.E.A.P., A.A.P.T.A
view bio  |  Kathy O’Brien, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Akira Otani, Ed.D., ABPH
view bio  |  Melissa Phillips Jordan, Ph.D.
view bio  |  Deanna Sanders, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Christina Schendel, Ph.D.
view bio  |  Martin Schnuit, LCSW-C
view bio  |  Scott Smith, Ph.D.
view bio  |  Jillian Solomon, Psy.D.
view bio  |  Claudine Stebler, LCSW-C
view bio  |  Anthony Wolff, Ph.D.
view bio  |  Louis Woolard, Jr., Ph.D., LCSW-C