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Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities are a neurological group of disorders that affects the brain’s ability to process and respond to information. Learning disability is a broad term that refers to impairment in a specific area, such as reading, math, written or spoken language, that occurs despite average intelligence and cannot be explained by another disability such as visual, motor, or hearing impairments. Additionally, the impairment in learning should not be a result of cultural, economic or environmental deprivation, such as lack of exposure to adequate academic instruction.

The most common type of learning disability involves impairment in basic reading and language skills. Also, while they are separate disabilities, Learning Disabilities often co-occur with ADHD. Early identification of a learning disability is critical so that children can receive appropriate educational supports and academic interventions. Spectrum Behavioral Health provides services involving psycho-educational assessment in order to identify whether a suspected learning disability is present.

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